Integrated Pest Management

Before we start our treatment program, our technicians will inspect your premises to evaluate the problem(s), check for potential challenges and offer you recommendations regarding sanitation and pest proofing standards:

*  Sanitation recommendations will include proper garbage disposal methods with special attention to hidden spots that should be cleaned on a regular basis.

*  Pest proofing recommendations will focus on closing all openings, cracks and crevices in all the structures, entry points, covering all open drains inside and around the premises and having all doors and windows properly sealed when closed.

  • This way, our team would become familiar with the premises, the problems, identification of the pests and would be able to specify the exact treatment(s).
  • Treatments would include chemical and non-chemical methods
  • On an ongoing basis, there will be an evaluation of the results and recommendations will be raised.

Our Treatment

  • Crawling insects (cockroaches, spiders, ants, worms and centipedes)

PRODUCT:  Odor or odorless liquid.


  • Rodents (rats and mice)

PRODUCT:  Blocks, pellets or glue board

EQUIPMENT:  Small Plastic Bags, Rodents’ Boxes, Glue Boards,Rodents’ Glue

  • Parasitic insects (Fleas and ticks)

PRODUCT: Liquid with odor, Fumigation Tablet

EQUIPMENT: ULV (Ultra Low Volume) machine

  • Flying insects (mosquitoes and flies)

PRODUCT:  Odor or odorless liquid.

EQUIPMENT: ULV, fogger, motor (for outside areas)

  • Reptiles: